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Top FOUR Tips For New YouTubers

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

Starting a YouTube channel is a daunting process. You have to compete with people that already have established fan bases and millions of subscribers! But don't worry... everyone that has a successful started somewhere; and we've identified what they all had in common. 

Top Tips for New YouTube channels

There is a clever trick to this which is more obvious than may first appear! Let us share this little secret trick with you.

Have A Regular Upload Schedule

So when you first start your channel, unless you get very lucky, the views will be slow to build, and the subscriber count even slower. What you can do to build on these numbers very early on is to have regular uploads at regular times, so that the early subscribers are more likely to pass you onto their friends. Basically, you will not be forgotten about. Reminding fans on your social media accounts about your schedule, and importing your schedule into either channel art or the videos themselves will give fans a reminder of when to next tune in! 

Don't Expect To Get In The Big Leagues Straight Away

Starting your channel should be about having fun and creating great entertainment. You shouldn't start a YouTube channel because you want to make money. You need to build an audience based on fun, amazing content before you start worrying about ways to rake money from your hard work.

Be Original

To be able to bring in the subscribers and views you really want, you're going to have to do something brand new. You can still pull influences form different channels and do similar things, but make your style, production, and delivery your own. There is no need to rush into creating videos. Take your time to develop ideas and the viewers will come. 

Brand Yourself

This last tip follows on form all the others. The most important step as a new YouTuber is to get some great graphics or channel art that people will remember you by? Someone is more likely to follow someone with a sick display picture on Twitter than someone with the default blue and white egg. 

Hopefully these quick four tips help you with starting your YouTube channel. If you follow these four rules, it will help you have the best possible start on YouTube!

Get Inspired

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