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Content Owners

Are you a rights holder who is looking to protect your content on YouTube? We are a leading company in the space with the ability to monetise your stolen content through Content ID on YouTube. We can protect your identity, maximise your earnings and grow your audience.

Protect Your Identity

Protect the content you work hard to create and always remain 100% in control.

Maximise Your Earnings

We help connect brands with your audience - You create, you earn.

Grow Your Audience

Change the text to include your own content. Adjust the font, size or scale to customize the style.

Grow Your Audience

Our job is  to help you grow you audience - We'll provide you with the tools and guides for success.

YouTube Is The Worlds Leading Online Video Platform

With over 1 billion unique users each month, YouTube has become one of the leading providers for content discovery around the world. This presents a great opportunity for you to make revenue from your content like never before and ensuring that your copyrights are protected.

Content ID

How We Protect Your Content

At Ritual Network, we are committed to safeguarding your valuable content on YouTube. Through our advanced Content ID system, we prioritize the protection of your intellectual property. When you upload videos to YouTube, our system diligently scans them against a comprehensive database of audio and visual content submitted by copyright owners. In the event of a match, our Content ID system applies a claim to the corresponding video. Based on your Content ID settings, this claim can lead to various actions, including blocking the video from being viewed, monetizing the video through ads with revenue sharing options, or tracking the video's viewership statistics. With Ritual Network, you can trust that we go above and beyond to ensure your content is protected and valued on YouTube.

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