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Creators Are Making Big Money From Snapchat Spotlight!🤳🏼

Updated: Jun 24, 2023

Snapchat Spotlight, Snap’s new TikTok competitor, has already gained over 100 million users since its launch in December. Snap made a big bet on UGC (User Generated Content) for the launch of Spotlight, distributing $1 million a day since December to top creators trying out the app’s new feature.

We have been working closely with content creators to distribute short-form content to Snapchat Spotlight and have been seeing great results. However, monetisation isn't yet enabled on Snapchat. So how do you earn money?

You’ll see a dedicated tab called the Snapchat spotlight in the app itself. As a user, you have the opportunity to submit your best video Snaps to earn a share of the daily 1 million dollars. Snapchat said in a public statement that it’ll be paying a share of this amount on a daily basis for best performing video Snaps. This new feature allows its users to produce creative videos of up to 60-seconds long. All Snapchat users can utilize Spotlight irrespective of their follower count or popularity. Although the Snapchat spotlight is enticing, it is only available in certain countries namely the US, Canada, the UK, Ireland, Germany, Australia, France, Norway, Sweden, New Zealand, and Denmark.

In the first six weeks after Spotlight's release, Snap said it had dished out $42 million to over 2,000 users (Snap has 249 million daily active users). However, Snap have only committed to paying out creators for a limited amount of time. Content creator Sarati, who has made over $1 million on Snapchat Spotlight, says she "is uploading videos at a blistering speed" to make sure she takes advantage of the opportunity. "My biggest week was over $300,000, and there's been a couple of weeks after that that have been that high,"

The Snapchat Spotlight Strategy

Post as often as you can.

Snapchat allows creators to upload new videos for Spotlight every five minutes. Snapchat loves creators who use the spotlight feature and post daily. The more videos you can post daily the better.

Use popular sounds in videos.

Snapchat recently added a new "sound" feature that allows creators to add songs to videos. These sounds help your viewers stay engaged and will give you that extra boost!

Add attention-grabbing text to posts.

Words are a great way for you to grab attention. You want to use words which captivate your viewer and keep them watching your videos. Text like 'This is crazy' or 'Wait for the end' helps to keep viewers engaged, bumping up your numbers on Spotlights!


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