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Should I become a YouTuber? And How?

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

This is one of the many questions we get asked time and time again by different people who meet us. YouTube is increasing in popularity and there are thousands of new channels created each day.

How to become a YouTuber?

Since the launch of Instagram Stories, many have become accustomed to presenting themselves in video. Actively using the Stories feature could be the beginning of a possible YouTube career. This is because it's easy to recognise whether you get along with recording yourself and your life. If this is the case and you would like to expand into long-form content, the thought leads to creating your own YouTube channel.

YouTube has shown in recent years that anyone who enjoys creating content can become a 'YouTuber'. Whether a channel is successful depends on the reaction of the viewers and whether the videos are engaging. The fascination of becoming a YouTuber has already become a dream job for many young people.

But, how do you start with YouTube and what do you have to consider for your YouTube channel?


First of all, you will need a camera, some content ideas and the courage to get started. This doesn't sound so hard, but all three points have their difficulties. An accessible camera to start off could be your smartphone. It's the most important to know in advance whether you want to talk in your videos or show impressions. If you want to tell a story, it would be best to get a microphone so that the sound quality is good.

You need to think about how you want to present yourself and the aim of your content before you begin. The most difficult part of making a video is not the equipment or the script, but the execution. It is never easy to sit in front of the camera (often alone) and talk or walk around in public with the camera. YouTube isn't about being a good actor, it's about being real and genuine without being boring. Once you begin, you will develop your own style a little more with each video.

No YouTuber started with perfect videos and at the beginning of your journey, you shouldn't expect perfection either. With every video you make, you'll get better and learn more. Your viewers will see your development and relate to you and your personality more with each video that passes. Try to stick to consistent and regular uploads to kickstart your success!

It's likely that your best video will one you didn't give much thought to, whereas a video that took a lot of time and effort might receive little attention. Try to keep your uploads as simple and regular as possible whilst still being genuine and entertaining to see the best results.

You can find out some more tips and information about getting started as a YouTuber from our academy. Feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help!

Have fun planning and executing your first video!

Get Inspired

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