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How To Title Your Videos On YouTube (Get the best results and increase your views)

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

A problem which most content creators encounter and a tough challenge all of us have is coming up with that quirky yet cool video idea which will hopefully rake in the views. But others find it much harder, and more frustrating, to invent a catchy video title, which they are happy with creatively, and one which helps you appear in any search results.

How can I create the perfect title on YouTube?

There is a clever trick to this which is more obvious than may first appear! Let us share this little secret trick with you.

User Search

A large proportion of your video views will actually stem from user search. Especially if your subscriber count isn’t in the hundreds of thousands, you will get more views from searches than your subscribers. This is where a title becomes so important to your discoverability. Before creating your video, think about the title and what you would search for to find the video? How can you make the title so that people click on it?

Crafting Titles

The trick is to tailor your YouTube titles to what the viewers are currently searching for. This will indicate the most popular searches for your content. For instance, if your video is on a Headset unboxing, then type this into the YouTube search bar and study the results. As you can see in the image, “test”, “review”, and “microphone” are shown as some of the more popular results. To craft a title, simply take these key words to form something similar to “Turtle Beach X12 review an unboxing, including microphone test!”. This method will make sure you hit those key searches and increase the maximum amount of views you will receive.

When crafting a video, always have your video title in mind.

Never mislead the viewership. 

In a world riddled with click bait articles and videos with sexy thumbnails:  titles which trick viewers into clicking the video, only to find the content to not match will only lead them to click away from the video, looking for the content they’re actually after, so tricking your viewers with click bait and suggestive thumbnails will only lead to a reduced watch time, and therefore a reduced income. All of your video metadata should accurately reflect the video content and this will lead to a longer Watch time!

Get Inspired

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