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How To Get Your First 10,000 Subscribers On YouTube (Step By Step Guide)

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

The measure of success for any YouTube channel depends upon their number of subscribers and views. Typically subscribers accumulate to the number of views you will get on your videos and the generation of ad-revenue for your account.

How to get new subscribers on YouTube the first 10,000

While the amount of subscribers also greatly impacts the credibility of your content and your influencing power, having a good count of subscribers on YouTube also means you get to connect with your target audience as YouTube sends them updates via email and alters your subscriber's homepage with your content.

So here’s your go to quick guide to gain your first 10,000 subscribers on YouTube:

Understanding Your Audience

Be very clear about who you are creating the content for. Create a generic demographic and psychographic profile of these viewers. This will help you visualize what tone & topics need to be addressed, which will lead to individualizing your content according to your target audience.

Include Verbal Call to Action

A fun, interactive, captivating call-to-action can always enhance your subscriber list and their loyalty. Especially a use a verbal call-to-action in order to influence the viewers more. You can drop in links, create graphical representations or even have a signature sassy call-to-action tagline for making the viewers HIT that subscribe button.

Be your own judge (Analyze most viewed/least viewed)

Examine your channel critically, you can use the help of YouTube's Analytics, or tools through an MCN like Ritual Network. Analyze which video were the most viewed and liked and which one received the least views. Further to that, give close attention to viewer’s comments and judge where, how and what can be improved.

Ensure high quality videos

Assure that the quality of content being broadcasted is good enough. This entails the video quality, graphics, sound quality, and language.

You know what they say, content is king. You should be viewing yourself as a media company and producing and distributing as much content as possible. More content, more eyes, more opportunities.

Collaborate with influential YouTubers

Cross promotional content actually gives a strong push to not only your subscriber list

but your credibility of content. Make sure you choose an influencer or youtuber from a

similar industry so that you do not get diverted from your core purpose.

Optimize your YouTube Metadata

The game of keywords is one of the key reasons leading to a relevant high number of subscribers. Make sure that you use keywords and phrases that would entail being relevant for the metadata fields on your channel.

Create Consistent Content

Be extremely clear on your goal and the objective of your content, and ensure that you stick to creating videos which entail these goals. Non-consistency in content leads to disruption and fluctuation amongst an audience.

Work on your design, watermark THUMBNAILS, and profile.

Invest your valuable time and mind in your artwork, watermark, thumbnails of videos and profile descriptions. As minor as it might seem, time invested in these essentials pays off and shows your honest dedication.

Finally, just take a deep breath if it gets overwhelming at any point, just DON’T give it up. Stay true to your passion and give it time, with hard work and smart work no goal is impossible!

Get Inspired

To keep up with all things #YouTube including tips, tricks and interesting articles, head over to to the Ritual Blog. You may even find yourself inspired to create and grow your own audience! You can also sign up for our FREE academy and get expert guidance on all things YouTube.


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