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How to create shareable social media content?

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

Do you regularly interact with your brand followers on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc? Your content still doesn't reach the people you want to reach? We show you step by step how to create content that your followers like to share.

Know your target group

Each target group pursues its individual interests and must be addressed in a suitable language. A "meme" will have a harder time with a target group over 45 years of age than with young people and so on. Likewise, no young person will share that your product has received the fifteenth seal of approval.

A GIF says more than a thousand words

If you analyse your target group, you should find out how it communicates and above all how it consumes. Text, memes, short clips or GIFs? The proverb "A picture says more than a thousand words" has not lost its meaning until today. Just look at your own surfing habits and note which articles and contributions catch your eye. If you are unsure which media you can ideally share on which platforms have a chat with us at the end of this article.

Getting to the point

You have a cool picture, but need more than 1,000 words to explain it? Perhaps you should reconsider your approach. The attention span of humans has decreased in the last years and a text block can deter your followers from the beginning. Be aware early on how your target group consumes social media. You will notice that the average time a follower stays is rather short (unless he is explicitly looking for information or solutions! 😉).

Keywords are the key

Have you ever noticed that you often just skim over texts and only get stuck with certain words? These so-called keywords decide whether your reader looks at your text more closely or not. If a crucial keyword arouses his interest, he will probably also read your posting carefully.

Shows feelings

The most important component that ultimately decides whether and which contributions a follower shares are...emotions! Only if a follower can emotionally identify with your content will he want to share it. Be ready to develop your personality, or the character of your company, also on social media through engaging content.

As soon as you learn about these core aspects of social media work and can implement them in your content planning, you will see changes in the behaviour of your readers. If you are looking for support in developing a success strategy for your brand, you can contact us at any time. We are happy to help you to show your individual strengths online!

Get Inspired

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