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How To Craft The Perfect Instagram Business Profile!

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

"First impressions count", we have all often heard this motto and it applies online as well as in business conversations or on the first date. That's why you should make sure that your Instagram profile looks inviting and interesting at first glance.

Instagram Business Profile Set Up

The profile picture

Your profile picture is a recurring element on your profile and, of course, next to any comment you write on Instagram. So, you should choose a motif that is easy to recognize and read even with a correspondingly small scale. A logo is professional, while a photo gives your profile a personal touch.

The username

Your username should match your brand but should be easy to find. The more memorable the name is, the better you can be found. A good example of this is "The Coca-Cola Company", who have their Instagram handle as "cocacola". For companies with several locations, a country code is common. An example of this is Ikea, which can be found for the German market under "ikeadeutschland" and for the Austrian market under "ikeaaustria". Ikea separates its different profiles by naming the countries.

The display name

Additional information, such as the full brand name or associated business field, can be included in the display name of your profile. It is important not only to store the user name 1:1 again here, as the display name of the profile serves as a search criteria on Instagram in addition to the user name. The display name tells us what is behind the profile.

The Biography

Your Instagram profile description (short: "Bio") contains additional information that is relevant for your customers and fans. Here you can specify your business field or enter additional contact data. If there is one person who controls your social media activities centrally, you can also explain this in your bio for a discreet personal touch. Please note that this is subject to a character limit of 150 characters. If necessary, work with emojis to shorten your texts and set visual accents.

The Call-to-Action.

While URL's in the comments on Instagram are not clickable, you have the chance to store a URL permanently in your bio. (There is also the possibility to add links in the stories. However, your profile must be approved for this function) In order for visitors to your profile to see the link, their interest must be aroused. Whether you reference a shop or a website, the more detailed you explain what is behind the link, the more precisely the visitor knows whether the site is worth a visit or not.

The description of the place

Especially for restaurants and shops with a public location, it is helpful to enter a (business) address in your profile. A visit to the shop is very easy for your followers and the cumbersome Googling of your location is no longer necessary, as navigation apps such as "Maps" can be accessed via the "Directions" tab.

The contact

Depending on the contact possibilities you want to offer to your followers and customers, your profile can be extended with a public phone number and email address. This can simplify reservations for the visitors of your restaurant or show customers the correct support channels and saves them going off to search outside the app and perhaps becoming distracted.

What tips and tricks do you use to design your business profiles on Instagram? Have you already put the finishing touches to your account or are you inspired by our examples? Please let us know in the comments.

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