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ASMR - The YouTube relaxation sensation taking over the views!

Many of you may have felt quite relaxed at certain points in your life, like laying by the beach or listening to some soft music just before bed, but did you know there is a HUGE network of YouTubers called "Asmr-tists" who create videos purely for relaxation?

ASMR YouTube Network Management Agency Take Over

But what is ASMR? The new-age acronym stands for "Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response", which is defined as a relaxing tingling sensation which runs throughout your body, the most popular locations being the scalps and limbs. Think goosebumps, but pleasurable. No one has yet done scientific research into the phenomena, but with millions of views being gathered on the video below, its hard to believe so many people could be wrong;

These videos are often listened to in bed, or somewhere relaxing for the viewer. The video consists of various "triggers" known to the community to which certain sounds or visual stimuli trigger the previously described sensation of ASMR. Triggers include soft speaking, whispering, scratching on objects, tapping on objects, foam sounds, mouth sounds, water sounds, and various other mundane sounds which people may find relaxing. 

The industry of ASMR is steadily growing, going from a few channels to thousands in a few years. The videos are often misinterepreted as "Sexual" or "Erotic", which is completely false.

What do you think of ASMR? Do you experience it? Do you think it is a sexual fetish? Do you think it is a great new trend? Let us know in the comments section. We will be covering lots of ASMR topics in the future!

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