6 Ways To Get More Subscribers On YouTube

Do you have a YouTube channel that’s not gaining subscribers anymore? Need viewers and subscribers? You’ve come to the right place! Here are 6 ways you can make your channel better and gain subscribers...

How to get more subscribers on YouTube?

Recently YouTube has tightened up ad requirements for content creators to thwart the uneasiness of advertisers following things like the Logan Paul controversy. This is why YouTube have also been looking to create other sources of revenue for their creators.

Work on your thumbnails

The more appealing and interesting you make it,the more the people who will view your

channel. People having a lot of followers have actually worked on making their thumbnails tacky as much as they have worked on their videos.

Work on your content quality

Make sure that you post interesting and appealing content on your channel. Always keep check on what the viewers really like, what video has more viewers and make your content accordingly.

Consistent in your videos

The key to success is always consistency. The more videos you make, the more often your channel will be viewed and the more often it will be viewed, the more it will be followed. So peeps, don’t take a lot of gap between uploading videos. When you start your channel, we recommend that you upload at least once a week so that YouTube knows you are active and your video always keeps coming up in recommendations. The more you post, the more chance there is of it coming on the first page of recommendations. However, that doesn’t mean that you compromise over the quality of your videos.

Translate your subtitles

Your videos will have more followers if people from all over the world who have different languages can understand them. So translate your video subtitles into other languages. Keep check on what people view your videos. For example if a lot of Chinese people view your channel, translate your video subtitles into Chinese. That way, those same viewers will gain more interest in your channel and more will soon join.

Get your viewer hooked

Hook people to your channel by giving them an inviting intro. People are generally more

interested in watching your videos if they know who you are and if they like who you are. Give a catchy intro that’s sure to attract them to your page. Avoid cliché dialogues and statements. Surprise them! They will surely subscribe to your channel if you tell them something different.

Interact with your audience

If people comment on your videos, whether they be negative or positive, respond to them. Interact with them, communicate with them. People are appreciative of channel creators like that. You will not only get loyal subscribers but they will also promote your videos so you get even more. That’s not even a lot of work. Just one reply to tell them their opinion matter to you and you get more subscribers. Wonderful, no?

So these are the six things we think will help you gain subscribers quicker should you start losing followers or make a new channel. Do give them a try. Good luck to all the new YouTubers out there!

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