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Tips For Creating User-Friendly Branded Content

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

Sponsored content is a hugely attractive option for advertisers looking to communicate their industry expertise through the means of influencers. By telling your brand’s story through a creator, brands are able to stand out and receive additional benefits that traditional advertising does not offer.

Tips for making the best influencer marketing branded content

Through the various means of connecting with your consumer through the voice of an influencer, you are more likely to achieve a higher performance and have a stronger voice in the online conversation while also delivering high quality content.

The main issue with branded/sponsored content is that sometimes it is all to obvious and does not give the authenticity needed to reflect the brand in a positive light. When it is blatantly obvious that creators are promoting a product, consumers don’t want to engage with these types of posts because they recognize they are seeing an ad. 

Sponsored content can still be massively beneficial for advertisers and creators, if it is done in the right way. Consumers follow certain influencers because they feel like they have a personal connection with them and when you are showcasing a brand, this authenticity should still follow.

Following studies, it turns out that sponsored content has just as much engagement as normal content on an influencers channel if it is done in the correct way. Here are a few tips to help you out next time you are representing a brand.

Make The Product Placement Fit Into Your Style.

There is nothing worse than scrolling through the feed of one of your favourite creators, watching their awesome videos, for you to then come across a video blatantly endorsing a particular brand and showcasing all of their products. While it may seem like a good idea to heavily feature the product, this is highly unnatural. You want to remain authentic at all times and remain true to yourself and the types of videos you upload. When showcasing products do it in a way that reflects you and your own brand.

Tell A Story

You should aim to create a story about the brand, product or service that you are helping to promote. Let your followers know about your experiences with the product or service, instead of directly telling them about the benefits they provide. Don't change your usual video format, you want your audience to feel like it's a normal video as that way they will watch until the end. 

Influencer Marketing Agency

Honesty Is Key!

You always want to be open and honest with your audience - They trust you! Let your audience know about the kind of sponsorship you are delivering and ask them for their views on it. The more open you are with your audience, the more likely they are to engage with sponsored videos and they will react in a more positive way. 

Summary; Create open, honest and natural branded content for the best results. If the branded content you're creating is similar to your normal content you will keep your audience happy and engaged while also delivering the best results for the brand.

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