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Creating Your Influencer Marketing Strategy

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

Having a strategy in place is vital to any step your business takes, but it is crucial that you have a strategy in place for influencer marketing if you want to deliver them ROI shattering results.

Influencer Marketing strategy for success with an agency or platform

The first step is just like any marketing strategy, you must first set out your goals. This will allow you to make sure your influencer marketing strategy is achieving your overall marketing and business goals. The goals you set out will also help you to set out your performance metrics and define what would be a successful campaign. Some examples of your goals could be to drive traffic to your website or to raise awareness about a new product launch.

It is also so important to identify the influencers who best represent your brand. The identification strategy will vary for each brand and campaign, which is why targeting them based on their interests aligning with yours is crucial. For example, you don’t want to be working with an influencer who has an audience of 13-year-old girls, if you are trying to sell a complex home security system…

Be original, show off your style, and tell your story.

You want to also make sure that your influencers are relevant. It is important that you find influencers in your niche who have an active following. You need to take into account the number of followers an influencer has, while also monitoring that they get real and active engagement. You can find out more about an influencers engagement by checking how their audience interacts with their content through likes, shares, and comments!

The final part of putting your strategy together is ensuring the influencers you work with can deliver actions. Can they provoke actions that work towards achieving your goal? Can they deliver a buy? Can they send people to your website? The answer is usually yes if you put all of the above into your strategy.

Get Inspired

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Influencer discovery can be a long and tiring process if you have to manually search for the right talent. You can use a company like us to help you with the correct software to find the right talent and ensure your campaign goals are achieved.


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