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Become A Magnet For Top Brands!

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

Have you wanted to be sponsored by a brand on YouTube? Do you consider it to be the next step? As markets change and develop, brands are very careful in choosing who represents their products.

How to get sponsored on social media

So here’s your 101 guide where we break down steps that can be taken to get sponsored on your social media.

Brands Are Selective

You’ll get the most interest from brands if your content is original, top-quality, have an engaged and active audience, and have a family-friendly channel. This not only exposes their content to engaged consumers but also has their brand promoted by a professional and high-quality content creator.

So how can you attract brands?

  1. REGULAR UPLOADS! Make sure you content is consistent in quality, as well as coming out on a regularly schedule. Maybe a few times a week.

  2. BE SAFE! Make sure that a brand will be comfortable advertising on your channels. Try to aim for PG-13 content and avoid those R-ratings.

  3. MAKE GREAT VIDEOS! You can read our other articles on how to make the very best content you can, but this is a self-explanatory point!

  4. LOOK BEYOND YOUTUBE! Make sure you engage with your users across social media platforms, including Instagram, Twitter, Vine, and also Snapchat if you’re not shy! You can read our recent announcement regarding EPOXY to get the latest on social media cross-action.

  5. BE PERSONAL! Brands love when you can give their products their own personality from your point of view. Incorporate products into your videos!

  6. FACE TIME! Showing your face will give Brands more trust in you and make it more likely for your pitches of sponsorship to succeed.

Try to keep these points in mind when looking for partnerships with brands, but keep an open mind and be aware not every brand is the same! But don’t stop trying. The more effort you put in, the more likely success will come your way

Get Inspired

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