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Rockstar pretty much confirm the next Red Dead game.

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

Over the past few days we have seen an explosive string of activity from the devs over at Rockstar games. Their first post began with a simple red and white studio logo, indicative of an announcement. But what is it? GTA DLC? A new Manhunt game? Well everyone's money seems to be on the eagerly anticipated sequel to the Red Dead Revolver and Red Dead Redemption games.

Too many people are using the term "Red Dead Redemption 2", but they seem to miss the fact that itself was a follow up from the original Red Dead Revolver. The stories are not connected, but the world in which the games take place, as well as the themes are the same. So for this next game I would not expect to see familiar characters return from Red Dead Redemption, but you can certainly expect an incredibly strong game from the devs at Rockstar, who can claim they have made some of the best games ever. It works in the same style that the GTA games do.

The initial announcement on twitter was then followed up by an image of what seems to be a group of cowboys walking away from a setting sun. I am so frickin hyped right now.

With an announcement each day since the 16th of October, it seems sure that to fit in the trend we might get something very special tomorrow, be it an image of an announcement or even possibly a reveal/teaser trailer. All fingers are crossed.

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