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Video Games you'll get to play really soon!

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

2016 has been a fantastic year for gaming so far, with many highly anticipated releases which have broken records and inspired gamers across all platforms. Competition is fierce between Sony and Microsoft, Valve have tried their best to give us a great experience on PC, and Nintendo have announced plans for their brand new console, the NX!

Here is a list of some games you'll get to experience for yourself really soon! Specifically in September.


Bioshock collection;

Coming to the PS4, XBONE, and PC is the fully remastered editions of the most beloved thriller/action games to grace our consoles. 2K games are providing us with the port and will give the current generation a look into games they might have overlook, whether it be age or graphical fidelity, now that obstacle has been removed and they can enjoy some of the finest games ever made. If you own Bioshock 1 and 2 on Steam you will receive the upgrade visuals for free! How's that for some great PR.


Coming to the Xbox one and Microsoft systems we have the adventurous and unique Recore. Comcept hope to redeem themselves after a string of game which were not received very well, by critics OR fans. Joule Adams, who you play as, volunteered to help colonize a far off alien world and after waking from a hundred years of cryosleep, finds "Far Eden" to be a barren wasteland. She must survive with her companion and destroy aggressive alien robots for reasons unknown to us. It's a game not to miss.


Destiny: Rise of Iron;

This massive DLC and overhaul of the Destiny franchise will arrive for both its current platforms, PS4 and X1. Bungie want to hopefully revitalize and revive the player base of the game by offering new and fresh content to keep up that ten year life span promise!


Fifa 17;

The anticipated and expected game from EA Sports hopes to be their best yet. With a fully interactive and voiced story line called "The Journey" we see a step into an actual campaign for the Fifa games, which makes them more than just a football/manager simulator. This could be what is needed to really make Fifa appeal to more people. I mean, imagine Need For Speed without those amazing story lines?

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