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Ritual Network Is Celebrating Monthly Growth

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

Ritual Network, a certified YouTube Partner is already a leading MCN and has a well established and fast growing partner base. Ritual Network partners have approximately 75 million video views a month across all video platforms and they're celebrating 300% growth for the third consecutive month. The company's focus is on offering exciting tools which are specifically tailored for their content creators. This enables Ritual Network to attract a core demographic, and it has already delivered successful campaigns for popular brands in various verticals. Their content creators cover various verticals from music, sport, tech, fashion, beauty, gaming, vlogs and podcasts. Ritual Network's large partner base shows the fantastic job they have done, "we look forward to helping our partners accelerate their development even further. We have a proven track record of offering tools that video content creators love to use, combined with the ability to support successful influencer marketing campaigns and protect and monetize the creators assets" said Lewis Walker, Chief Executive Officer of Ritual Network. "Together with our partners we offer viewers a better and more varied entertainment experience than ever before, and I look forward to new creators joining us and working together with them on expanding their audience and revenue. The future stars of TV are made on YouTube." About Ritual Network Ritual Network is a company that specializes in helping content creators to earn revenue through advertising and brand deals. The company works with many different content creators on various platforms from YouTube to Facebook and offer content creators paid brand deals, and other revenue streams away from content creation, such as merchandising. Since launching in September 2014 the company has had over 10,000 content creators sign up to their service. For Media Contact: Thorsten Schauer Ritual Network Ltd Chancery Lane DN17 4HN United Kingdom Phone: 0044 (0)7841 534737 Email: Website:

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