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Ritual Gaming Weekly Update

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

This week has seen some fantastic advancements in gaming. Here's our top 3 picks of the week.

1. Pokemon GO has finally been released in select countries to critical praise! In the mobile game you can become a real life Pokemon trainer. The app sees Pokemon tied to regions, meaning you will have to get up and explore to catch em all! The pokemon can be found in thousand of unique real world locations, but don't worry! The Dev team have promised you won't find any rare Pokemon inside a volcano or in the middle of a busy road.

2. Red Dead Redemption has been opened up for backward compatibility play. Red Dead is a fan fave and was one of the most requested games to be brought back along with early call of duty games and Skyrim. The game is available to download and some of the critically acclaimed expansions are free of charge.

3. The eagerly anticipated and often delayed No Man's Sky has finally and officially been completed by Hello Games. The game takes place inside an entire procedurally generated Universe, allowing you to explore literally trillions of planets and leave your own mark for every other player to explore alongside with you. If you discover a planet, you get to name it. The game will launch for PC and PS4 in August. We all hope the delays were worth it.

We'll see you all next week!

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