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Updated: Jun 30, 2023

EA’s conference started with a bubbly presenter laying out the plans for the conference. But you’re here for the games.


The game presented its crystal clear graphics which aims to deliver a robust experience. The game has 6 unique Titan’s with depth and a deep progression system. One of the biggest shocks of the conference is the announcement of a Single Player mode, which the first installment was lacking. We were presented with a breath-taking array of visuals in a single player trailer which highlighted the relationship between Titan and Pilot. The game will be released on XboxOne, PS4 and PC. The game is set for release October 28th 2016.

MADDEN 2017:

Nothing much to say about this game. It has beautiful graphics as expected. Madden will feature balanced game play, new Franchise modes, and up to date commentary teams. The game aims to take competition to the next level. This game was presented with EA sponsored gaming events. There are three stages which allow most gamers to engage in pro tournaments from their homes.


How far will we go? In the game you are part of an expedition helping humanity find a new home. You travel millions of miles into the Andromeda. This is a galaxy where you are the alien. They’re building on the amazing stories and game play, and now they’re allowing their imagination to run wild, with a new cast of memorable characters. The game runs on the new Frostbite engine. The concept art and models shown during the conference is among some of the most beautiful ever seen. The animations and face capture really seem to push gaming to its limits. They’ve created a Universe we will lose ourselves in.


A personal narrative about a relationship with nature. It’s a story about how the world is connected, but constantly under thread. You play as a young cub, with no knowledge of your life, where you came from, or who you are. There is a language of strange and beautiful music, each unique to a song sung by each creature and plant. Each song will open up new parts of the forest. Every step helps you discover who you are. The enemy is “the silence”. Grotesque creatures who want to destroy all life. The game sets the stage, but sets you out on your experience. Your discoveries are your own. The game is one of the most unique IP’s I have ever seen. This game represents the true magic of gaming. It has been created by a Swedish studio called Zoink who are supported by the EA Originals program.

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