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YouTuber Danh Van Le jailed for 9 months

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

A man responsible for one of the most popular YouTube prank channels “Trollstation” has been jailed for nine months. This is a result of scaring the public with multiple bomb hoaxes and staging mock burglaries.

Danh Van Le has been jailed for filming members of the public reacting to various objects with mysterious ticking sounds, including a suitcase. The act had a young boy opening a suitcase and then running away. They claimed it was created to mock the arrest of Ahmed Mohamed, who was notably arrested for creating an alarm clock.

A member of the public failed to find this funny, and called the police, resulting in the camera man receiving nine months for placing a hoax bomb with intent at the Inner London crown court.

Some people would consider the sentence unfair, one example being that Jackie Chan was not arrested when he took part in a scene on the movie “The Foreigner”. However, panic caused by this was done in a controlled manner, with many warning and precautions of the scenes being taken place. Also, real live people were not affected by the scene.

However, Trollstation’s actions effected real people in busy streets, and with the terrorist climate at the moment, one can understand why such harsh measures were taken again Danh Van Le. It isn’t about a small company and a big company doing things and one getting away with it. The situation is completely different, and at the end of the day, the charges brought against Danh were offences he did actually commit, whereas “The Foreigner” was in no breech of the law.

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