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YouTube Gaming continues to improve and grow! Discover its new features..

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

The newly premiered YouTube Gaming, which is a standalone, dedicated application used for streaming and recording game video which aims to compete with Twitch TV has announced an expansion to take the platform further.

The expansion will take the platform into more market areas and bring more features to the service, including improved browsing and viewer experience for the viewers within the app. A major change will be the network promoting the “live” feature of the app, which lets gaming creator’s livestream directly from Android devices. There is no word yet on iOS compatibility.

Google have also announced that the live stream player will receive an upgrade to its quality output. This means a 60fps playback as well as a special DVR mode. The feature were already available on iOS and HTML5 players.

Google talk of further improvements based on extensive user feedback, which includes a much simpler user friendly homepage with easier navigation that rids of the clunky sidebars and added pages specifically to manage your own games and created channels.

We look forward to the improvements. What would you like to see improved? Let us know!

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