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Online gaming reverting back to old school Split-Screen!

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

With the ever expanding Universe of online games for gamers to sink their teeth into a trend has been on the rise ever since online gaming was popularised. The trend is split screening. Thanks to games such as rocket league we are seeing a steady return of the classic "pull up some chairs and have a few games with your mates" style of gaming. Rocket League is an indie game which involved playing fun and high octane games of football, with fast and brutal cars as your player.

Despite actual footie games like FIFA being played by 2 players on one screen, the return of split-screen is a welcoming trend for lots of gamers who feel like a sense of community had been lost. Gears of War 4 will boast a fluid split screen system as well, much like the original games.

More games are being released with split-screen features such as Plants and Zombies 2, a fan favourite and one which is taking a new shooter form as you and your friends can fight waves of bad guys together. Another first person shooter "Battleborn" is being shipped with the intention of being played split-screen with friends. Call of Duty also is once again trying to push retro game types into the mix as they are emphasising the ability to split-screen for future titles.

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