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YouTube buys out Music Growth service BandPage

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

For a reported $8million YouTube have acquired a new tool to attract and help musicians by turning their popularity into a way to effectively make money. BandPage lets artists who off their music as well as advertising gig tickets and new releases.

BandPage was mainly used for Facebook pages, where bands could create a tab to show off concert tickets and things to purchase. The price the app was acquired for seems incredibly low, given the app received over $20 million in funding and once had over 32 million active users and was the second most popular Facebook page app, but has since dropped to only a few million, which may explain the cheap acquisition price.

However BandPage adapted, and is now integrated with many famous platforms such as Spotify, Soundcloud, Twitter, and Shazam. It maybe for these integrations that YouTube sees possible potential to really push this concept of BandPage forward into the future to help bands make money from their profession much easier.

BandPage used to allow limited use for free, with a Plus option for $2 a month but recently made all features free with a 15% transaction free on services.

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