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Management For Creators

The UK's Leading YouTube Network & Influencer Management Agency.

We're the UK's leading and best influencer management agency & YouTube multi-channel network. We manage & represent the best talent and brands in the UK, generating over one billion views per month through our content. We help content creators and influencers based in the UK make a career out of their creativity. We are the future of video in the UK and our talent management & agency services are unrivaled. We have a powerful in-house sales and marketing team that operates across the whole of the UK generating opportunities for our talent and brands.

We Turn A Creators Hobby Into Businesses

We provide strategy and expert help, data-driven YouTube SEO optimization and music library solutions, monetisation boost via managing ads timing tool.

Amplify your YouTube Growth


Let our certified experts help you with the growth of your YouTube channel. We have mastered the science of growing your audience and taking your content to the next level. We are a premium management company and only work with the best. Unlike other companies in this space, we don't work with thousands of influencers. We instead take the approach of only working with the very best talent and providing them with an all-around management service that nobody else can compete with.

Personal Management


We appeal unfair monetization restrictions (yellow monetization), strikes and protect your content with Content ID. Technical support is available around the clock and is ready to help with any problem. It works with strikes, removes sanctions, and protects channels from theft

Get full earnings on YouTube


Diversify your income streams through content distribution, multi-platform monetization in areas like Facebook and TikTok, licensing, merchandise and so much more.

Create new revenue streams


Personal Management

Work with your own dedicated team to define your success. You are the boss of your YouTube certified team who will work with you to develop an action plan for your channel. You have an expert team at your disposal who are audience growth specialists. 

Channel Strategy

Get unlimited access to our growth guides designed to take you from Zero To Hero in no time! All of our guides are written by YouTube-certified experts who have years of experience in growing audiences on YouTube!  

YouTube Support Team

Our creator support team is here to help you with technical issues, questions related to your YouTube, copyright issues and just about anything else. We don't have to cater to thousands of people, so you won't be waiting around for answers.

Flexible Payments

We can offer you the industry highest revenue share & higher levels of monetization through ad sales. We offer full visibility and transparency when it comes to earnings data.

Rights Management

Protect your rights on YouTube through our powerful Content ID tools. We can give you the ability to monetise your stolen uploads.


We help creators make a significant amount of money that they were not earning before. This is through optimization of existing revenue streams and through our powerful alternative revenue streams.

Brand Deals

Work with our sales team to connect with brands and advertisers. We help perfectly match you with brands that represent you. We understand that branded content is a major revenue stream for creators and we work hard to ensure our creators get the best deals. 


Get access to our suite of

custom-built tools like Content Protection, Remonetise Videos, Graphics Design as well as paid tools like Epidemic Sound which you'll gain access to for free.


Manage your channel with our powerful creator dashboard. Everything you need is centralized into once place for the easiest and most effective channel management.

Multi Platform

We are a multi-platform company, we are partnered with all of the major social video websites. We will plan a 360° approach to growing your brand across all platforms.

Music Library

Gain free access to the world's best premium copyright-free music libraries. Ensure you have studio production audio, without paying studio production costs. 

Outreach Team

We have a large outreach team that has the capability to reach thousands of brands or people on your behalf each week. This powerful feature means you are connecting with the right people, no matter what your ideas are.

Graphics Design

Let our creative team handle all of your graphics design needs. We'll make sure your channel looks sharp and stands out from the crowd. Designed to make sure your channel drives engagement and views. 

Sales Team

We have over ten years' experience as a company in sales. We have worked with all of the world's major brands and companies and you can ensure you are going to have a leading sales team looking out for your best interests.


Get access to premium merchandise items and designs. We manage merchandise for the world's leading content creators and we do not just create generic products, we build fashion brands.

So Much More

In over ten years of working with the world's best content creators, we have covered more service areas than you can imagine. We offer so many services in so many areas, just reach out to us to discuss what you need and we're sure you'll be pleasantly surprised.  

We Understand Creators. That Is Why We Have Built A Personal Service That Tailors To Your Every Eeed.

Create new revenue streams

Diversify your income streams through content distribution, multi-platform monetization in areas like Facebook and TikTok, licensing, merchandise and so much more.

We help creators drive alternate revenue


Invite-only Content Creators.


Monthly views.


Revenue growth year-on-year.




Appealed strikes.


Creator support issues resolved monthly. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer a trial?

Yes, we offer a three-month trial period for all new clients. We believe in the value we offer and we're happy to give all creators a risk-free trial period, with which you can leave at any point if it's not for you.

What do Ritual get out of this?

We take a % cut of revenue that we help you generate. That means that the more you grow, the more we all earn. Most clients we work with, stay with us forever! 

Do you work with all channel sizes?

We work with high-quality talent and the size of the account doesn't matter to us. If we believe we can help you grow and you have the potential to be a star, we'd love to discuss a partnership.

When & how do I get paid?

Our typical payment schedule is between the 26th & 1st. We offer advanced payments of up to 80% of your earnings which you can request at any time. We have over ten payment options available.

Can you protect my channel?

Yes, we regularly help channels resolve being hacked. We also help channels fix demonetization, copyright claims, and strikes and ensure all of their videos are monetising.

Can you help me grow?

Yes, we work with the world's largest content creators and have helped hundreds of YouTubers turn their hobbies into a career. We are experts in YouTube and social growth and we're always looking for the next superstar.

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