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Insomnia 62 - Recap

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

We had an action packed Saturday at the NEC for Insomnia 62 this weekend! YouTube superstars Syndicate, Caspar Lee and Terroriser, with a combined fan base of nearly 20 million, had the chance to meet some of their viewers at the event.

With the largest attendance, this year's event was the biggest Insomina event to date. A number of the industry leading gaming companies such as Dell, GAME, PlayStation and Razer attended the event to showcase their new products.

credit: igfestuk

NintendoUK had an awesome stand at #i62 where attendees could join in a game of Donkey Kong.

A number of teams from Europe, North America, and the Asia-Pacific region battled it out for the Call of Duty World League (CWL) competition for the $200,000 event prize.

YouTuber Caspar Lee held a meet and greet at the event. His passionate fans faced a lengthy queue to meet him but we have no doubt it was worth the wait! Keen Caspar went for the win on Fortnite as his eager fans stood by in anticipation. ​​

One of our creators, Kevin Chapman, attended Insomnia for the Saturday and Sunday – he participated in the Football Manager World eSport Championship on the Sunday, which had a total prize pool of £25,000. Unfortunately, Kevin got knocked out fairly early, but for one of the first proper eSports event for Football Manager he thought it was really well organised. Kevin spent some time on the show floor on the Saturday too and really appreciated the opportunities to meet up with subscribers for selfies and handshakes.

Be sure to check out Kevin's i62 vlog!

credit: Santacrz

Some smaller YouTubers such as Badzz, itswatsonyt, Willx and Jordi Fox arranged their own “unofficial” meet and greet. They had a great turnout with over 50 people coming from across the UK to meet them. This turn out was a great achievement taking into account the fact that they have a combined fan base of 20,000.

Our minds were blown away by this years event, you can find some of our favourite moments in our highlights video below.

We’re hoping to see you at #i63 and we have no doubt there are bigger and better things to come for the next Insomnia event.

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