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YouTube opens London space free for creators

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

YouTube Spaces are the premiere production environments for YouTubers looking to take their video production to the next level. The new facility situated next to Kings Cross St Pancras train station is YouTube's largest in Europe and boasts 4K and virtual reality cameras.

This month, YouTube Space London moved to Google’s new headquarters in the King’s Cross area. The 20,000sq ft building replaces a 5,000sq ft Space in London's West End. It contains three studios, each with their own control rooms, a green room, makeup and hair salon, and editing facilities. It houses three high-tech studios and sound stages, featuring state of the art production equipment like 360° and VR cameras, 4K screening facilities, and cameras capable of letting creators live stream in 4K to their own channels.

The visual aspect of YouTube space is amazing with a really British feel compared to some of the other spaces. Stage One has a double height ceiling, is fully sound proofed, has robotic cameras and can double as a screening room, complete with 4K projector and Dolby Atmos audio. This is the arena for YouTubers to showcase full HD content and stunning footage. From this stage you can also live stream directly to YouTube in 4k, something which no other broadcast suit in the UK can do.

All the footage you record can be taken home for adjustments or edited in the one of YouTube's suits which includes a Mac Pro computers, each with two 4K screens.

This isn't just limited to just creators, though – fans will be able to stop in to the Space’s brick and mortar creator store and purchase merchandise from some of their favorite creators. Also for the high end creators the space will double up as a meet-up spot and product launches.

Creators with more than 10,000 subscribers are invited to produce videos at the new Space and we recommend all of Ritual creators to head down and check it out! If you want to plan a visit to the space, please contact us and we'll help you arrange it.

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