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Facebook steps up their video game; and it could benefit you!

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

Ever since we posted our tutorials and tips on how to improve your content and fan base we get asked a lot of questions about utilizing Facebook. Well, we told you videos can help promote you and your channel, but now they will help you even more.

In a world driven by video it's always nice when companies like Facebook continue pushing forward with new features which can help content creators from all walks of social media improve their presence.

As of today, you can now go LIVE in groups and events; meaning if you have a specific YouTube fan page or event for a stream, you can go LIVE! and have a super snappy announcement which will give all liked and interested fans a notification, as well as appearing on their news feed. This will not only garner great online presence but give you a chance to interact with your fans "face to face", as so far as you can on the internet!

Not only is this feature now accessible, but there are WIDE range of reactions to use exclusively for live videos, meaning your audience can react with you better, meaning you can learn an adapt to what your audience enjoys. Or doesn't enjoy...

The videos also have a cool filter feature! Move over Instagram.

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