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The Xbox One and PS4 online barrier has been breached!

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

For years, even going back to the days of the original Xbox and the Playstation 2, Microsoft and Sony fans have often wanted to take each other on within online competition. Until now, we thought that this feature would be forever forgotten behind a veil of competition and rivalry.

However Microsoft have announced a new big feature. That feature is cross-network play. Players across PC, Xbox One, and PS4 can finally expect to see this feature applied to upcoming, and even current online games. Developers creating games for Xbox one and Windows 10 will have first access to this feature, but Sony must agree to take part in the development for it to become a reality. One of the first titles which will use this cross-network system is the beloved Rocket League. With Microsoft hinting that there is an "open invitation for other networks to participate as well," meaning PS4 users may be able to compete against Xbox One and PC users.

Developers can now get behind Microsoft and support cross-network play. This will most likely shape the way games are made, and played, in the future. Online multiplayer matchmaking would see a huge increase in server populations, possibly prolonging the life of certain games by several years. But which titles will allow cross play between PC’s? There are clear advantages to having a PC, most notably how accurate a keyboard and mouse can be compared to a gamepad, specifically in FPS games. There would also be a huge jump in graphical and performance quality, meaning real effort would be needed to balance cross-network play.

What are your thoughts on this? Let us know.

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