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3 ways the Division needs to improve.

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

The Division has sold more copies than any game in Ubisoft's history and it has also set a new single-day company record for digital download sales. I for one downloaded the game on release day. Like thousands of others. However, here are 3 things they need to fix!

1. Fix the Civilians

When you walk around the streets of New York, the citizens, (NPC’s) of the game great you with more animosity than any hostile rioter or cleaner they would encounter. You will be walking down 42nd street with your weapon down, as calmly as could be, and the NPC will exclaim, “Whoa you’re gonna rob me now?” or “I thought you were here to help?!”. The fear seen when aiming a gun at a civilian is understandable, but being treated like s**t every time you walk past the very NPC’s lives you save on a daily basis is irritating.

2. Fix the Servers

I understand with a game like this there will be some initial server issues. But almost a week after launch, myself and many others are plagued, and because of the, I’ll say it, stupid DMR/Online only functionality of the game, you are kicked off, or the game simply crashes. A better system needs to be implemented like a kicking to the menu, or simply stop disconnecting people from the servers to start with. If the connection issues lay within Ubisoft, fix them. You have the budget to do so.

3. Accurate Enemy levelling

In the division, the main part of the game is the co-op mode. Blasting through the metro tunnels of New York with your best friends is amazing. It really is a pleasurable gaming experience. Unless of course, one of your friends is a higher level than you. If your friend is level 30, the enemies will be level 25. Now, if you’re only level 20, the enemies will decimate you. This can often ruin the flow and fun of the game if you’re constantly dying without a fair chance. It may be a better idea to level enemies to the lowest rank player, and to instead level xp and damage of the highest rank player to keep things fair and fun.

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