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Learn from the best YouTube personalities around!

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

Over the past 5 years YouTube has transformed the way digital media is created and shared. It is no longer a simple video sharing site but a vast network of conglomerations and networks and full of business opportunities.

YouTube has an estimated 2.9 billion hours’ worth of streamed content viewed every month, some creators often achieve millions, Michelle Phan and PewDiePie being two of the most popular to hit this multi-million dollar milestone.

Sunny Lenarduzzi has some great tips and tricks on her channel to help anyone who aspires to reach YouTube gold has the best possible start and career they can. Sunny has some great personal advice however, mentioned in her recent interview with ENTREPENEUR

Sunny Lenarduzzi

“I call it my ACE strategy -- authority, consistency, engagement. In order to grow a thriving community, you want to attract an audience of highly engaged viewers. That’s why I recommend focusing on one niche and really owning that space, because then you’ll attract a niche audience that will become your greatest brand ambassadors.

And in order for your audience to stick around, they need to trust that you’ll be consistent with your content. I highly recommend filming your videos in batches and having a specific day of the week for when you publish new videos -- this keeps your audience coming back for more!

Finally, community is everything, and in order to harvest the relationships with your community, you need to engage and support them at every chance you get! Thank them for being there, because there are a million other places they could go online, but they’re choosing to watch your videos. That’s a privilege, not a right -- don’t take it for granted.”

So what are you waiting for? Check out those tips and tricks to grow!

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