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YouTube is set to overtake Traditional TV

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

Viewing patterns released by entertainment research groups. The enmxt generation of parents, people aged from 18-25 claim they would rather stick to internet based entertainment such as YouTube and Netflix than fork out for TV liscences.

It is already common knowledge that Sky and ITV are two companies seeing profit drops because of streaming services, but what will happen to such services when the new age of "millenials" become the largest customer base? Will Sky and ITV still have customers? With news, entertainment, and live fun available so readily on the internet has traditional TV passed its epoch?

Ofcom are sceptical to give legitimate weight to such claims, but do claim that patterns are emerging supporting the concept of traditional TV being overtaken by internet services.

LEK media also claimed that such behaviour of the millenial generation is not waviering, and that these people will not simply revert back to Television once they have their own homes and family, but rather will stay fixed to internet entertainment.

One can look at YouTube success stories such as PewDiePie who's famous YouTube channel pulls in more daily views than multiple highlight evening TV shows with million dollar budgets.

What do you think the future of Television is? Leave a comment below.


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